Otsukimi and Kids being kids

So the 15th was the moon viewing holiday Otsukimi! It’s a shinto holiday to celebrate the harvest moon and the harvest. Traditional foods offered are dango, mochi and moon cakes. I didn’t have the ingredients to make those, but I plan to be more prepared next year! I did make some extra offerings to Amaterasu-omikami though!

My kamidana during otsukimi. Got some fruit juice, blueberries and raspberries, and cake, as well as my regular offerings of rice, salt and water.

Speaking of offerings, my 7 year old Big Pup has taken to praying with me in the evenings! He also has asked to help put things away as well. It’s wonderful and adorable. Anytime he wants to ask Amaterasu-omikami for something he calls his prayers “wishes”. He doesn’t help in putting things out in the morning, because he’s usually still sleep, and with the school year in full swing I’m not inclined to wake him up any earlier than necessary.

He’s also been asking questions! Like yesterday, he asked why we offer rice. So I got to explain how rice is special because it requires all of the Kami’s blessings to grow, sunlight, water, the earth, and so we offer it as a thank you for it. And salt is purifying and of course water because all life needs water. And then when we take them down, everything is blessed by the kami enshrined and we cook with it to share in that blessing. When I got to the part about sunlight for growing rice he immediately piped up with, “oh so Amaterasu-omikami blesses the rice while it’s growing!”

He also asked me which jar was which, because everything is in jars lol. So I’m like, the big rice jar is the regular rice, and the small rice is the blessed rice that we put offerings in at the end of the day. You don’t wanna mix them up because then you could accidentally offer the same rice twice. H cuts in to say, or thrice? Which was funny. So I said, Yes or thrice. Think about it, if you had pizza for dinner, would you want someone to offer you the same pizza crust the next day? No, of course not. So we keep things separate to make sure we don’t do that.

He was very receptive of that. He also wants to be involved in whatever the next holiday is, which I don’t mind at all! It’s been a good time overall.


Hi there! I'm Fae, witch, shinto practitioner, gamer, and stay at home mom. I'm 27 and love incorporating video game elements into my witchcraft. As a Shinto believer, I venerate Amaterasu-omikami, kami of the sun. I also happen to be an avid baker. All these different elements of my life will likely make it's way onto my blog. I don't update super often though, so I apologize for that. Thanks for checking my stuff out!

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